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Hagar The Artist
Look at some paintings! I paint for fun and for sales.
I teach classes in Vedic Art and Spiritual Paintings.
Paint your Chaos, paint your Order and the Road in between, so it can be seen!

Vedic Art - You become aware of the Natural Laws of the Principals that govern all Creation. To learn about Veda (= Truth, Knowledge) is to gain knowledge about the world´s oldest preserved Wisdom. You will get a first hand experience of the fact that all the knowledge you can ever need, is already within you. The knowledge of Veda offers a practical method which gives you access to your own inner store of knowledge, so that your individual self can experience your universal heritage.

You paint from inside out and release joy and power. You get an efficient tool for reaching your inner core. You open the gate between the conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind in a natural way. You can experience the Point of Silence and the Space of the Infinite Dynamics – simultaneously – and the bridge in between.

Professional or amateur does not matter, everyone continues from his/her own level.
The principal in Vedic Art are not confined only to painting - they are operating in all creative engagements – yes actually in all situations in Life.

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Hagar Gulli I. Sjölén
M.A., Fil Mag, Dipl. Esoteric Psychology and Philosophy, Pedagogue, Dipl Kinesiolog, Dipl. Expression Corporelle, Dipl. Aura- Soma Colour therapeut, Dipl. Healer, Dipl.Jin Shin Jyutsu therapeut, Dipl. Vedic Art teacher, Numerologist, Tarotist, Poet, Artist, Song writer, Performer
Teacher in English, German, French, Art and Drama at High School level. (Registered Enterpriser).