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Hagar Gulli I. Sjölén
Hagar - The Spiritual Way Shower
Private sessions, Lectures, Courses, Performances

Performing, Healing, Teaching, Counselling, Channelling, Creating

I gladly come to your town

and perform some of my amazing poetry, divinely inspired,
give workshops in creativity and painting, particularly Vedic Art.
I also give private sessions based on numerology, channelling, tarot and healing.

Send an e-mail and let me know:

hagargul@hotmail.com Tel. 0046 (0) 651 4094
soulexpress_ing@msn.com 0046 (0) 76-27 65 752


Hagar Soul Consulting
Vita Talía - Life och Art.
The Art of Quality living.
The Soul Expressing: Love, Peace, Amor, Robur, Lux et Pax

Hagar Private loves to walk in nature, close to the water.

Hagar Gulli I. Sjölén
M.A., Fil Mag, Dipl. Esoteric Psychology and Philosophy, Pedagogue, Dipl Kinesiolog, Dipl. Expression Corporelle, Dipl. Aura- Soma Colour therapeut, Dipl. Healer, Dipl.Jin Shin Jyutsu therapeut, Dipl. Vedic Art teacher, Numerologist, Tarotist, Poet, Artist, Song writer, Performer
Teacher in English, German, French, Art and Drama at High School level. (Registered Enterpriser).