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Hagar Soul Consulting
Private Sessions, Lectures, Courses

Private Sessions
I give sessions spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically.
Based on Aura-Soma Colour therapy, Channelling, Numerology,
Tarot, and Healing, Couching.

Courses in
Personal Development, Esoteric philosophy and psychology, Numerology, Tarot, Colorology, A Course in Miracles, The 7 Rays, Healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu
( a magnificient and simple way of learnig how to balance the energy system of spirit, mind, body)Painting - Vedic Art , Spiritual Painting (and Ordinary Painting)

Meditation/ Healing/ Sharing Groups
We meet at 7 o´clock and finish around 9,30.
First a cup of tea, then I give a little speech (on different subjects each time).
Then we meditate, I give healing and messages to each one, then possibilities for sharing and a finishing up, some times with a song - for those who want that.

Inspiration Days
for staffs in companies and business, hospitals etc.
How to increase joy, inspiration and co- working

Hagar Gulli I. Sjölén
M.A., Fil Mag, Dipl. Esoteric Psychology and Philosophy, Pedagogue, Dipl Kinesiolog, Dipl. Expression Corporelle, Dipl. Aura- Soma Colour therapeut, Dipl. Healer, Dipl.Jin Shin Jyutsu therapeut, Dipl. Vedic Art teacher, Numerologist, Tarotist, Poet, Artist, Song writer, Performer
Teacher in English, German, French, Art and Drama at High School level. (Registered Enterpriser).