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Jin Shin Jyutsu
is an ancient art of healing which recently has been revived, thanks to its
simple and efficient way of releasing tensions.

It is an art of harmonizing spirit, mind and body with gentle touch.
It balances the body´s energy systems and releases deep tensions.
There are 26 Energy Safety Locks along the energy pathways and when one or more are blocked, imbalances occur.

Jin Shin Jyutsu
reduces stress, increases relaxation and alertness by activating the natural healing flow.
Through gentle touch on the Locks in different combinations on the different pathways of energies, the blocks can be released and the natural energy flow restored.
Ask for a session, around one hour, or a workshop, for a day or two. You can learn to do it on yourself on friend and even on animals.

I also give Aura healings.

The 7 Rays
are Seven great main energies or streams of forces that show us seven different divine approaches to life. They have different qualities and show us seven different psychological lenses through which we can see the world. Some rays are more or less predominant in each one of us.

A Course in Miracles
I have studied it more or less daily since 1979 .
It has helped me to reconnect to deeper levels within myself and given me an almost inexhaustible strength to survive in different difficult situations.

Hagar Gulli I. Sjölén
M.A., Fil Mag, Dipl. Esoteric Psychology and Philosophy, Pedagogue, Dipl Kinesiolog, Dipl. Expression Corporelle, Dipl. Aura- Soma Colour therapeut, Dipl. Healer, Dipl.Jin Shin Jyutsu therapeut, Dipl. Vedic Art teacher, Numerologist, Tarotist, Poet, Artist, Song writer, Performer
Teacher in English, German, French, Art and Drama at High School level. (Registered Enterpriser).